Custom Orders - Baby Bows, Bubblegum Beaded Jewellery, Clothing etc.

We are now accepting custom orders for everything on site! For Bows: You are able to choose the sizing (Small, Medium or Large) and you’re able to tell us what you’d like on the bow! This can be text, a logo, characters (like Disney and others) ect ect. We have new bows coming in constantly so if this is you and you’re looking for something specific (like Peppa pig for instance) were able to meet your requirements.

If you’re after just a different style of bow or a smaller or larger size, we can create a custom order for that too! Just get in contact with us! :)

To make a custom order, simply email or DM us on Instagram at @_Aurorabowtique with your specifications/requests. 

We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with a design you’re happy with and create a custom listing for you. You can then pay for it and we will order the fabric :) we will express this so it gets to us quickly and then you can choose your preferred shipping method through the custom listing at checkout!


Please allow extra time for a custom order (if it’s a new fabric especially) as we’ll need to order it in, however this shouldn’t take long. 


For different style or size bow (with fabric we have) the normal time frames apply. 


Thank you! And happy shopping at Aurora Bowtique xx