Trolley Tokens by Wild Bubz Rose Gold

Trolley Tokens by Wild Bubz Rose Gold

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Proudly designed & made in Australia, WILD BUBZ® Trolley Tokens. A MUST for anyone who goes shopping! Say hello to a WILD BUBZ® Trolley Token your new best friend & you'll never have to worry about having a coin again, or getting it back!  Even better, 
they are so easy to use & releases your trolley instantly. Unlike other tokens you don't have to remove it from your keys nor leave it in the trolley lock either! Saves time & walking alone in a carpark at night with baby.

Unlock as many trolleys as you desire, simply insert the token into the trolley slot & pop it out as soon as the trolley unlocks!

Our WILDBUBZ® Trolley Tokens are super easy to use, simply insert into the $2 coin slot, turn it sideways and release. Ta daa! Your trolley has been released and it doesn't have to stay in there either.


Keychain part is silver